The Kennel Cough - Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis

Berwick Boarding Kennels will not accept any dogs into the kennels without the Kennel Cough Vaccination. We use a product called Vira-Care from GHS Direct which is approved and one of the best on the market to clean and disinfect the Kennels. We have many measures in place to try and control Kennel Cough. We like to make customers aware that even though the dogs have had the vaccine in place it does not meen that they can not contract the virus as this unfortunately is not the case. Kennel cough can be caught from nose to nose contact, it is airborne, in the vets, at the dog groomers, out on a walk and symptoms can take days and days to appear. Kennel cough unfortunately is something that all Kennels have limited control over. If a dog does catch Kennel Cough at a Kennels, then it is usually a course of antibiotics to clear it. Please note that sometimes due to a high pollen count this can have incur cough like symptoms, but it is infact only an allergy. If we see any dogs with a cough, they are instantly put into quarantine, in an isolation unit. Due to, as explained, Kennel Cough being something out of anybodys control, Kennels are not responsible for treatment costs. It can be and is very similar and as simple to catch as a human having the flu or a cold. The name itself is actually called canine infectious tracheobronchitis, shortened to Kennel Cough, which is slightly mis-leading as the majority of times it is not actually caught in Kennels, but elsewhere as Kennels are regulated and will not accept dogs like other places without this vaccine.