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The kennels are open with skeleton staff due to covid-19. The grooming services are currently closed. Please note we operate a strict social distance policy for the drop off and collection of your dogs.

A family business since 1975






The History Of Berwick Boarding Kennels

Berwick Boarding Kennels was established in 1975 by Bernard T Sheehan. Bernard left his role as senior manager at a major factory in the local vacinity and set up Berwick Boarding Kennels to follow a desire to work for himself, doing something that he loved and that was working with animals, especially dogs! Berwick Boarding Kennels was born.

Wife Joan A Sheehan was soon to join Bernard with his business dreams and she eventually opened alongside the kennels a small cattery service for customers as they were often asked to look after all sorts of animals. The reputation of their establishment, due to the care and attension the boarders recieved was a success and they worked for 32 years caring for customers pets.

     Unfortunately, in 2009, Bernard passed away and the business closed. With many customers upset and the business closed. Many were saddened that this was the end of Berwick Boarding Kennels and the fantastic services they loved for the many years.

Customer Comment:

"Joan and Bernard were always so good to our dogs. Joan would even have them in her house and sleeping up on the bed with them."

In 2011, daughter Phillipa, felt there was something missing at Techon Cottage and that was dogs! She had grown up, helping mum and dad and decided with the help of her children Jordan and Daniel that it was time to open the business back up and start informing old and new customers that Berwick was back in business! 

In 2014, daughter Phillipa, with such growing demand for the kennel services, decided it was time to pass the business over.

In 2014, Joan Sheehan, handed the dream keys to grandson, Christopher M Sheehan BSc, who set up Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD and later followed by wife Emma M Sheehan, Berwicks Barking Beauties Grooming Services.

Chris has since expanded Berwick Boarding Kennels, with the help from his now employed family members, upgraded the facilities and made Berwick Boarding Kennels on of the most popular, recognized, longest serving and largest Boarding Kennels in South Wales.

"My staff are all dog owners and dog lovers."

"Everything your dogs need, all under one woof!"






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