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The online booking system allows you to request a date, it may show on the site as available, but we are currently working with the software developers to develop a live availability, however this is not accurate and once we have received your request it is the physically checked by our booking team, subject to our availability. Once the team have reviewed your request, if there is available space you will receive confirmation via email and the same way if we are fully booked and unable to accommodate your request a confirmation of decline email.

The online booking system does not represent live availability and is subject to a member of our team checking the availability before they approve or decline the request. If customer have previous no shows, constant last minute cancellations etc this will show on our system and will affect your future bookings with us, as this is unfair when we have people in waiting for kennels spaces.

If you need to speak to a member of the team, you can call us on 07792550208, WhatsApp us on this number, email us at or text us.

As we are one of the largest kennels in the area you can appreciate the number of requests we have on a daily basis for dates. We may take longer than usual to respond for requested dates if there is high demand over the period requested.

We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and make our booking as easy as possible and this is a new system we now have in place and are currently getting to terms with, although we are working with the developers to constantly improve the functions.

We are now open for 2024 bookings and an equivalent one day deposit is payable within 24hours of booking.

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