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Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD

All your dogs needs, under one woof!   Kennels - 01554556551

Our Kennels . . .

At Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD we offer a meet and greet. You are able to arrange a visit to meet our staff and we are then able to meet you and your dog(s) onsite, on our grounds so you can see where we are located and have a feel for what we are about. We also offer day boarding services should you wish to help your dog familiarise itself in the kennel environment before you do a longer stay. Unfortunately we don't currently offer viewings of the facilities due to the high number of dogs in our care, to protect their identity and your safety for insurance purposes.



Our kennels are made of galvanised steel 5cm gap panels to ensure complete security and comforting surrounds so your dog(s) are safe and secure while in our care. We have CCTV monitoring the premises 48hrs a day and the kennels are completely fenced in with security gates should a dog try to escape they would have stop points that you would not be able to exit for their safety. The kennels are designed by size to accommodate various size breeds or dogs that are to be sharing with other dogs from the same households, to ensure a comforting stay. 



All our kennels are heated and we use our solar pv and battery storage to contribute to generate free energy to help us with the running costs of keeping the kennels nice and toasty all year round. We use fleece blankets and duvets, with plastic beds or hammocks to ensure they are comfortable in the kennel space. Water is down and refreshed for them all day, throughout the day and they are welcome to have treats and toys in their kennel areas with them. Some of our kennels have outdoor areas and we also have three run areas which they all have use of throughout the day, alongside their regular three walks per day. We want to make their stay as comfortable as possible.



We also have a three kennel medical and quarantine unit should we notice any dogs are ill when coming in or while staying with us. We automatically remove ill dogs from the kennel environment for treatment or until the owner can collect them. We really use this facility but we always like to be one step ahead should the worst happen.


We have different and separate block sections in the kennels which accommodate dogs based on their breed, size, temperament to ensure the kennel we give your dog during the stay provides a calm and relaxing environment, stress free. 


There are so many unregulated facilities opening and kennels are very safe and more fun for dogs than you would think, most of ours don't want to leave! We have lots of staff at hand, years of knowledge, vets on call, regulated, insured, use all the top cleaning products and invest in our business and future. Of course many people get wowed by images some boarding facilities offer, such as home boarding, dog parks and other services, but people always come back to kennels because we don't go anywhere and if we have the availability then we never let you down last minute. People who use our kennels often say they wish they had started sooner, because it has been utter peace of mind for them when they are leaving their dogs.

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