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Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD

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Our Story . . .

Techon Fach Cottage, Bynea, was lived in by Joan and Bernard Sheehan, with children, Danny, Lorraine, Phillipa, Deb, Julie and Gaynor. Bernard and Joan both worked at Morris Motors in Llanelli, Bernard as a general manager and Joan as a line operator. Bernard decided one day that it was no longer where he wanted to be and decided to build a boarding kennel to follow his enjoyment and that was his love for dogs. So in 1975, Berwick Boarding Kennels was open and Bernard was  


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Shortly after Berwick Boarding Kennels was getting busier and busier due to word of mouth on how dogs enjoyed staying at the kennels and how they came back different dogs for the better, customers never could understand the magic way Bernard had with the dogs and how the dogs never wanted to leave him when the owners came to collect them. Due to the increase in capacity of boarders at the facility, Joan Sheehan also took the leap and joined her husband to help with admin and kennels bookings.



Berwick quickly became one of the most popular kennels in the area and people would travel miles and miles to leave their dogs at Berwick. Joan and Bernard run the kennels throughout their whole working lives until Bernard had an accident on his push bike in his older years, on the coastal path, which resulted in him no longer able to carry on offering the services and with his health deteriorating it was the final straw for Berwick Boarding Kennels and the doors had been closed. Many customers were devastated by the closure of the kennels and over the years when bumping into family members, they would comment that they have managed to find other kennels but there was no magic there or it just didn't feel the same when dropping them off, as it did at Berwick Boarding Kennels to Joan and Bernard and many people often say how they used to come to pick up their dogs and they would be in the house with Joan and Bernard when they were meant to be in the kennels being spoilt by them.


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Over the years Techon Fach Cottage 

changed and was renovated and 

Joand and Bernard turned the home into

a little piece of heaven, in the perfect location

for their boarding kennels and family,

which was followed by the many grand

and great grandchildren. Joan and Bernard

are now part of the history of Techon Cottage

and Berwick Boarding Kennels and

will always be remembered.



Joan sadly passed away in 2023, aged 90


A new chapter . . .


Grandson Chris Sheehan studied Mathematics at University and qualified with his degree. The choice came of whether to pursue in his teaching career or reopen the family business where he had been helping out since he was a little boy, during school holidays, summer holidays and growing up around the family and dogs. Chris decided to follow in his Grandparents footsteps and bring the magic back to Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD and make it the biggest and best boarding kennels once again.



Emma Sheehan set up onsite a professional dog grooming salon and in 2023 won an award as the most highly commended dog groomer in Wales at the Welsh Business Awards. In 2024 with the ongoing expansion of the kennels, Emma has temporarily closed the grooming to support the growth of the boarding kennels to help assist with the ongoing demand and support the kennel side of the business. Emma has a massive social media following due to the number of groomers that she has been assisting and helping to show off her skills and work and some of her videos have have over 1.5million views online. Emma is one of the best groomers around and will hopefully be back at it in the near future. We have kept her grooming salon as you can see below, for when that day comes. We also use it to freshen up dogs staying at the kennels.



The kennels have been extended due to such high demand for the services we offer. We are now one of the largest and longest running boarding kennels in South Wales and in the UK. Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD is now so busy that we have recently put in a new planning application which has been approved. Over the next coming months we are hoping to start building the next phase to improve our availability going forward.


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We have also installed EV charging points benefiting from three phase electrics. This results in Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD having 2 x 11kw chargers, which are faster than your usual home chargers. We understand some of our customer are moving over to electric cars and will have rage anxiety, but fear not, Berwick can help you with some energy for your cars, just ask a member of staff on site and they will be able to assist you, if you have your charging cable and is compatible with our system. These were installed be Bespoke Electrical Services.


Due to the rise in energy costs, Berwick Boarding Kennels LTD has invested a significant amount of money into our new renewable solar pv energy system with battery storage to help with the ongoing energy costs. This means that we are able to harvest energy from the sun during the day time and store it for when it is needed. The kennels also benefits from an electrically heated system to ensure the dogs are nice a warm all year round. This was installed by Pure Energy Renewables Wales LTD.



Chris, Emma and their three children are sailing Berwick into the future . . . 

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